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CFS co-founder editor of Handbook of Microcredit in Europe
HandbookDr Karl Dayson is a co-editor of the Handbook of Microcredit in Europe and has contributed a chapter specifically regarding the microcredit sector in the UK. The book draws together authors from various disciplines to assess how numerous initiatives throughout Europe can make use of microcredit to fight social and financial exclusion. The book will be influential in enabling policy makers to target a new set of microcredit initiatives and programmes.

For more information on where to purchase the book please see the link below;
Handbook of Microcredit in Europe - Social Inclusion though Microenterprise Development

CFS launches report on impact of financial inclusion activities on economy of Leeds
KarlA report on the impact of financial inclusion activities on the economy of Leeds by Community Finance Solutions was launched at an event organised by Yorkshire Forward and Leeds City Council. Brian Pomeroy CBE, the chair of the Financial Inclusion Taskforce and Helen Goodnab MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, spoke at the launch event which was attended by over 100 representatives from Local Authorities, affordable housing providers and third sector organisations.
The study was carried out by a team headed by Dr. Karl Dayson, Executive Director and co-founder of CFS, and is the most extensive analysis of the economic and regeneration impact of financial inclusion activities of the UK to date. The study estimated multiplier and industry effects of these income increases by using an input-output modelling approach. It estimated that financial inclusion activities have a cumulative impact on the regional economy of £28 million. Further details on the methodology and its findings can be found in the final technical report and appendices. To discuss the findings and recommendations, please contact Pål on 0161 295 2841 or email

CFS researcher shares reflections on the US CDFI sector
PalIn April this year, Pål Vik, financial inclusion researcher at Community Finance Solutions, completed a study trip to Washington D.C to attend the 2009 Community Affairs Research Conference, organised by the US Federal Reserve System, and to visit Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) to learn about their business models. His observations and reflections can be read in his study trip report. In the report he highlights some of the key lessons for the UK CDFI sector. To discuss the report and its findings, please contact Pål on 0161 295 2841 or by email

CFS launches report on feasibility of delivering insurance policies through the UK CDFI sector
karlDr. Karl Dayson, Executive Director and co-founder of Community Finance Solutions (CFS), Pål Vik, financial inclusion researcher at CFS, and Aidan Ward, principal consultant at Antelopes, recently completed a study of the feasibility of delivering insurance products through Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs). The findings and recommendations can be read by downloading the final technical report. In the report the authors recommend that CDFIs examine the feasibility of a combined credit life and term life policy linked to the loan term, which international experience suggests is operationally less challenging and has historically appealed to low-income consumers in the UK and internationally. To discuss the findings and recommendations, please contact Pål on 0161 295 2841 or email

CFS co-founder and Visiting Social Enterprise Fellow awarded honorary doctorate
bobgradBob Paterson, co-founder and visiting social enterprise fellow at Community Finance Solutions – the independent research and development unit at the University of Salford – was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University for his work for low-income communities in the UK. Bob has used his extensive knowledge of current housing policy and community development issues to develop and test models to facilitate the access to financial services and affordable housing. In 1997, Bob joined the University of Salford as a Senior Visiting Research Fellow where he conducted research into how community-based financial institutions could make an effective contribution to the long-term regeneration of poorer communities in the UK. This work laid the foundations for the creation of CFS which he co-founded with Dr. Karl Dayson in 1999. Currently Bob is working on the establishment of an intermediary housing market utilising the Community Land Trust mechanism to help create a sustainable, scaled solution to the affordable housing issue in the UK.

CFS director elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
rsaDr. Karl Dayson, Executive Director and co-founder of Community Finance Solutions, has been elected a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts. Fellows include experts in science, ethics and the environment; leaders in the commercial, voluntary and public sectors; social entrepreneurs; cutting-edge practitioners in the worlds of literature, film, dance, new media and the visual arts; opinion formers and journalists; and award winning designers and architects.


CFS and Carnegie UK secure Community Land Trust funding from the Empowerment Fund
bobCarnegie UK and Community Finance Solutions have been selected as one of twenty-one projects to receive part of a £9.25 million Empowerment Fund to deliver on the key themes of the Communities in Control White paper and help to give a real voice to people in their communities. Community Land Trusts allow concerned local people to acquire land and plan for the provision of housing and services such as workspace and community halls to be managed on behalf of the community in perpetuity. Bob Paterson, co-founder and Visiting Social Enterprise Fellow at Community Finance Solutions said: “We are delighted with the announcement. The money will be used to empower communities to take the idea of community asset ownership into a reality. These resources will enable us to move the community land trust work from experimentation to replication and eventually mainstreaming.”
For further information, please download the full press release here.

CFS Executive Director to head Conservative Party Community Land Trust taskforce
KarlThe Executive Director of Community Finance Solutions, Dr. Karl Dayson, has been appointed to head the Conservative Party taskforce on Community Land Trusts (CLTs). The taskforce will examine the current difficulties with setting up Community Land Trusts and suggest solutions which will allow it to be simpler and easier to set trusts up, encouraging more communities to get together and build affordable housing for people in their areas.

Facilitation fund for development of CLTs worth £2 million launched at CFS event
bobA Community Land Trust Fund of £2m for delivering affordable, sustainable housing was launched 29th of September at the rural practitioners' Community Land Trust (CLT) Seminar in Chester.  The money has been provided by The Tudor Trust, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Venturesome. The work at Community Finance Solutions (CFS) with community groups has identified the areas in the development of a CLT where finance is needed and Bob Paterson, Visiting Social Enterprise Fellow at CFS, has negotiated with the charitable trusts and Venturesome for the provision of this fund. For full details please see the Esmée Fairbairn website: The fund is in four parts – feasibility and technical assistance which will be grant funded and pre development and development loan finance.

CFS launches urban Community Landtrust Toolkit
urbanAt the Community Land Trust conference in London April 30th titled Creating Affordable Housing – From Concept to Reality, Community Finance Solutions launched a toolkit for urban CLTs called Placeshaping: A Toolkit for Urban Community Land Trusts. The report offers a path through the maze of urban policy and legal complexities to show how Community Land Trusts can contribute to place-shaping in urban communities. As well as providing a number of tools designed to be useful to community, housing and regeneration practitioners, it also includes a number of case studies of ten projects around the country who are leading the way in community-based shared equity housing.

CFS launches publication on rural Community Landtrusts
ruralrepoCommunity Finance Solutions launched Then We Will Do It Ourselves: A report on rural Community Land Trustsat the national CLT conference in London April 2008. The publication covers the key issues for rural CLTs and demonstrates what is possible when the ingenuity and hard work of local communities is matched by a progressive approach from local authorities and funders. Seven inspirational case studies are included, which are the pilot projects highlighted in the Housing Green Paper of 2007.

CFS publishes financial inclusion toolkits for social housing landlords
unknownWith support from the Housing Corporation and Friends Provident Foundation, CFS has written a practical guide called Financial inclusion in social housing: Policy into practice to help social landlord staff and management to find creative ways to develop effective financial inclusion strategies. The book can be purchased from the National Housing Federation for £25 by following the link below.